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Struggle Persevere Succeed Inspire Military Green T shirt

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Struggle - Persevere - Succeed - Inspire

Our Vision at Iron Hos Gear

Men's Military Green Tee


Over the last few weeks - hell over the last 6 months I have been looking at the struggles
we are faced with.

Personal Happiness

Asking myself ..

What is the reason?
Why do we have struggles?

As I was watching some motivational videos the other night around 2 am.

I was working on some T- shirts for lifters that had ordered online, listening and thinking about what’s been going on in my life and the world around me.

I was suddenly hit with these 4 words


Is that the formula to true happiness?

Is this the path we follow to improve and evolve?

I think so..

Once on the other side - if we choose to follow, we are that much stronger, our resilience grows.

Like training in the gym...

The pain and stress of the workout forces us to adapt - become stronger - leaner - tougher

It’s only in going through these 4 steps do we move towards what is our true purpose and destination life has in store for us.

As we move through this path, we are being prepared for what's next, the next challenge always moving forward.

I looked back on the many struggles I have faced, the struggles that I followed the formula through always lead me to a better place.

The struggles I avoided or delayed dealing with, only lead me to more sadness, regret and wasted time.

I was so moved by this formula, these 4 words, I got excited.

I started writing them out on paper.

I started doodling.

I couldn’t sleep , I felt I was seeing something clearly for the first time.

Struggle - Persevere - Succeed - Inspire

As soon as I could, I got a hold of my art guy.. I explained what happened .. he got EXCITED !

We designed some cool new shirts…

I showed some people - they got excited - this formula resonates !

Here are what we are releasing