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Military Ordinance Wrist Wrap- 24" from Iron Hos Gear

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Military Ordinance Wrist Wrap

This wrist wrap is a game changer

Deceivingly soft material literally turns to cement around your wrists as you tighten them with each revolution around your wrist.

 The more weight you add to the bar - the force travels down into you wrist and forearm and the pressure inside the wraps increases to meet the impending set.

As the weight gets heavier the wraps get tighter meeting the challenge head on as you prepare to move massive loads under tremendous explosive force driving back into the bar!


Once again we have a set of  wrist wraps beyond compare !

  •  Softest yet Tight wraps 
  • Super Strong 24" Wrist Support eliminates wrist pain during lifting
  • Heavy Duty 3 " velcro strip basically welds the wrist wrap on - these babies will not open up during lifting
  • Improves Bio-mechanical leverage, you will lift 5 - 25 lbs heavier immediately
  • Get 30% more revolutions around your wrist with the superior elasticity of the fabric blend used
  • military grade thumb loop comes with 12 month warranty - Ships from Canada


For Heavy to Super Heavy, advanced & Serious lifters only!!!!

ROCK hard support,....but still comfortable and Pliable.

Want to hit a new PR or World Record, this is the design!!!!!

You will not find a stronger/tougher Wrist Wrap in the WORLD

These wraps and all lifting accessories under the Iron Hos Gear Brand are designed and used by me,

Curd Hos. I have been competing in the Bench press for over 30 years. I

We specialize in Powerlifting, Olympic lifting and Kettlebells.

Our wraps, belts and accessories are tried and true, day in and day under the stress of 1000's of hours of workouts.

There are built to perform and last.

I take take my training, my clients training and my accessories very , very seriously.

Shouldn't you?

Ships From Canada