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Hardcore Iron Hos Gear - Struggle Formula - Military Green Hoodie

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 Iron Hos Gear Hardcore series - Struggle - Persevere - Succeed - Inspire!

Now there is no way I could have a new Hardcore Series and not have our formula for success with the newest Skull design !

This formula to me is the key to improving any aspect of our lives.





If it means something to you and you want it to be become better 

Its this formula





Now with the new Hardcore Skull added to the design!


The Skull Story

I love skulls - always have.. Still not sure exactly why.

I have always had a version of a skull in almost all my logos, t shirts, posters etc.

When I launched Iron Hos Gear, I had a cool skull designed for the brand. (which I really like)

From the get go I knew I wanted to have a hardcore version of our skull done as well. I’m sure in the future there will be more versions of skulls to come.

I recently met a graphic designer who has a cool “edgyness” to his work.

He has followed me and the Iron Hos brand for sometime and he is also in love with the heavy lifting lifestyle.

So he has a good feel for who we are and what we stand for.

So I told him to work his magic.

The result is a new series we are calling our HARDCORE series.

The STRUGGLE formula design is the third piece in the new series

Hardcore Statement plus the Hardcore skull - yes please !

See how it “pops” on this Military Green Hoodie!

Sizes available




X Large




** 2XL and 3XL available - slightly higher price  


Small - 4X Large

Yup thats right we have Big man Sizes

2X Large

3X Large

4X Large - on most of our stuff!


Iron Hos Gear respects the Big man!

It has always driven me crazy. I would see a killer T shirt or Hoodie, only to find  that the biggest size available was a 2XL and that was only half the time at best.

Powerlifting , Bodybuilding and Strongman is dominated by BIG MEN!

Anytime I look at a new cut or design I insist that there be 2Xl, 3XL, and 4XL available.

90% of what we carry at Hostyle goes to 2XL for the ladies and 4XL for the men.

 For the guys, some of our items currently max out at 3XL – But I’m working on that!!


Curd Hos – Owner – 4XL wearer of shirts and hoodies !