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Fallen Lifter - Belt Banner Military Black on Green Banner 18" X 31"

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The Fallen Lifter  


With the recent passing of fellow lifter Ryan Kingma - September 2020

I decided to go forward with an initiative I had been thinking about for sometime.

One of the things that has always struck home for me in the Powerlifting community is how much we all really care for and respect each other in this sport.

When a brother or sister in iron passes - it really affects this community.

With these big muscles and big PR’s are big HEARTS attached!

I wanted to do something that would

  1. Allow us to celebrate the life of our brother or sister that passed
  2. Allow us to show their family that they mattered to us
  3. Allow us to find a way to grieve and deal with what we are feeling

The Fallen Lifter is an initiative to help do just that. 

Going forward 

I am creating a fund that will allow Iron Hos Gear to be there to help the lifting community.

To create a memorial plaque that will be at all our meets to commemorate fallen lifters

To create a memorial plaque to go to the family of the fallen lifter as a symbol that shows the lifter was part of a community that cared and respected them.

The Fallen Lifter Initiative will be funded by 

  • A portion of every entry fee from meets that Iron Hos Gear runs
  • A portion of the proceeds from any Fallen Lifter apparel we sell


The Fallen Lifter

For our brothers and sisters in Iron who left the platform too soon! 


Powerlifter - Strongman - Bodybuilder


We are all part of community that comes from all walks of life , yet share the same passion for Iron and Lifting.


This is the brotherhood and sisterhood of iron.


We all have had a friend or fellow lifter pass and we can longer see them in the gym or on the platform or stage.


They maybe gone but they shouldn't be forgotten.


The Fallen Lifter is our way of remembering our brothers and sisters that are no longer with us.

Gone - but never forgotten!