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Eat Sleep DEADLIFT Repeat Black Tee from Iron Hos Gear

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Eat -Sleep Squat - Repeat

Its No Secret that The Deadlift is your personal favorite lift.

Loading the bar

Stepping to it

Gripping the bar, with chalked and calloused hands

Pulling your hips into place as you roll the bar back to you shins.

You take a breath, you fire your traps, you tuck you lats

You start to grind your feet into the floor and you begin to pull.

It seems like an eternity, you ears begin to pop

then suddenly the plates break from the floor

you realize it's moving and you pull with desperate zeal.

in your mind you are tearing the head off a lion.

The bar keeps inching up

you won't quit

fuck you gravity

no more weakness

there is no fail - you will pull until its up or you pass out.

This is WAR!

Then as suddenly as it began, it's over - you're standing up

knees and shoulders are locked

You now Own this weight!

You just won, but there is no time to celebrate, you're already thinking of the next PR to chase.

The next comp to sign up for



Iron Hos Gear knows this simple but effective formula is the key to builder a bigger, badder squat!



Small - 4XL

Yup thats right we have Big man Sizes

2X Large

3X Large

4X Large - on most of our stuff!



  • 13-oz, 50/50 cotton/polyester fleece
  • Compacted yarns to minimize shrinkage
  • Double lined hood with drawstring
  • Super Iron Hos



Hostyle Gear respects the Big man!

It has always driven me crazy. I would see a killer T shirt or Hoodie, only to find  that the biggest size available was a 2XL and that was only half the time at best.

Powerlifting , Bodybuilding and Strongman is dominated by BIG MEN!

Anytime I look at a new cut or design I insist that there be 2Xl, 3XL, and 4XL available.

90% of what we carry at Hostyle goes to 2XL for the ladies and 4XL for the men.

 For the guys, some of our items currently max out at 3XL – But I’m working on that!!



Curd Hos – Owner – 4XL wearer of shirts and hoodies !