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Canadian Powerlifter - The Squatter - Military Green Hoodie

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The Squatter  - Canadian Powerlifter Hoodie 

For those that love/ live for the SQUAT.

The T shirt that says you're Proud to be Canadian now Let's them know your also a POWERLIFTER

A Canadian Powerlifter at that

 We have added to the amazingly popular Military Green T shirt Line

Announcing Iron Hos Gear's Military Green Hoodie!

 Sizes available



X Large




** 2XL and 3XL available - slightly higher price  


Small - 4X Large

Yup thats right we have Big man Sizes

2X Large

3X Large

4X Large - on most of our stuff!


Iron Hos Gear respects the Big man!

It has always driven me crazy. I would see a killer T shirt or Hoodie, only to find  that the biggest size available was a 2XL and that was only half the time at best.

Powerlifting , Bodybuilding and Strongman is dominated by BIG MEN!

Anytime I look at a new cut or design I insist that there be 2Xl, 3XL, and 4XL available.

90% of what we carry at Hostyle goes to 2XL for the ladies and 4XL for the men.

 For the guys, some of our items currently max out at 3XL – But I’m working on that!!


Curd Hos – Owner – 4XL wearer of shirts and hoodies !