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About us

Hostyle Gear from Canada Wrist wraps, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Single prong belts and clothing are a passion for me.

These wraps and all lifting accessories under the Hostyle Gear Brand are designed and used by me, Curd Hos.

About Curd Hos

I have been competing in the Bench press for over 25 years.

I own and operate Hostyle Conditioning, an 13,500 sq ft Training facility in Ottawa (Orleans) Canada. www.hostyle.ca

We specialize in Powerlifting, Olympic lifting and Kettlebells.

How Hostyle Gear began...

Finding it hard to get great wraps and belts I started looking into having our own made.

I wanted strong and resilient products that would last. 

I also saw that ordering from the USA cost lots more in Duties, Exchange rates and delays of 3-6 weeks.

I decided to do something about that and 6 years ago Hostyle Gear was born

Our wraps, belts and accessories are tried and true, day in and day under the stress of 1000's of hours of workouts.

There are built to perform and last.

I take take my training, my clients training and my accessories very , very seriously. Shouldn't you?

All our products ship from Canada and are in Canadian funds.

Our powerlifting team at Hostyle competes at many meets in eastern Canada and you will often see our Hostyle Gear booth at many strength events.

I love lifting, competing and coaching men and women to do the same.

Let me know if I can help you in any way



Hostyle facility 613-830-9300

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